Project 2: Dev Blog #3

Welcome to the third dev blog for Project 2.

If you've missed the first two you can find them here (#1) and here (#2).


Previously, I went into a bit of a technical ramble about how I structured the code within Project 2. This one will be a pretty short post around the gameplay of the project, mainly because I want to keep some areas under wraps.

The priority and prominence of these mechanics may change during the rest of the development...

So, let's go with one of the mechanics.

The movement, what I'm aiming for with this is something similar to the movement systems in the likes of XCOM where you line up your movement in a turn-based fashion.

Now unlike XCOM, there's not as much that needs to be calculated by the player(i.e firing distance, if enemies can see you etc) since the core focus of the game is to escape with no option to fight back.

The distance a player can move per turn is decided by a mixture of the base speed stat and the sum of any cards in the player's hand that change the speed stat.

Movement Demo

It might be a bit difficult to tell from that video, for this, I use an internal modifier for determining energy (the speed stat) potentially spent when moving the selector.

Now with the mixture of cards, the base stat and how the level is generated, the player can become stuck and not be able to get themselves out of a hole. The way I plan to get around this is in the form of sacrifice, the player would sacrifice a portion of their HP that will add more to the energy.

But, as well as the losing HP trade-off there's another, which you'll find out in the game itself because we can't have everything spoiled here right?

And that's it for this week, I'm hoping to get another mechanic completed and starting the first pass visuals over the next, but in the mean time if you want to support me  head on over to the Support Me page.

Have a great week everyone!

Luke Parker

Luke Parker