Project 2: Dev Blog #8

I really should be more consistent with my blog posts...

Anyway, It's been almost 4 months since the last Dev Blog and I have been busy! First things first, regarding the ko-fi sub stuff, that's currently on hold while I work out what I can provide to make it worthwhile.

What's been happening

Landmark Templates Pt 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to finish up the landmark templates and they are now finished!

This was all a Part 1 of the templated stuff (at least according to my tweet) and I can't remember why/what I split out templating stuff into two parts

There are probably some areas that will need some work and I know I at least need to make this package usable for the custom story feature coming later.

Shard Collection

Implementing this feature turned out to be a lot easier to complete than I'd originally thought. That may be because it was only the collection side of things and not the interaction parts.

World Progression

Playing the game now, going from world to world doesn't look too different as I don't have different base maps for different worlds but the progression is sorted!

This also included a headache-inducing refactor of working out how scenes work which I was going to write a tutorial on, but I sort of forgot...

Base UI

A lot of UI work has been started on with things like Title and main menu screens! At this point, they're blocked out while I work out if I need to use packages or something custom for making the UI building experience smoother.

I do want to look into potentially building something that would support loading Vector graphics, resizing them to the UI and then rendering them, but I can see that being a lot of work.

See what I mean? The UI is just blocked out stuff at the moment.

Next pieces of work

I haven't got much lined up at the moment, but I do want to continue along the UI work line and make the interaction bits for the shard stories, e.g "Do you want to view the shard?" option and view them.

Maybe I should sort the story builder as well, so I can make some stories for next time.

Anyhow, that's all for this dev blog! Feel free to follow my Ko-fi as I post my game dev updates on there, to begin with!

Luke Parker

Luke Parker