Project 2: Dev Blog #7

Oh boy, it's almost the end of the year and what a year it has been! On the outside side of the oncoming 2020 season 3, it's been 2 months since I last posted a dev blog, so here we are everyone, a new blog post.


I have two pieces of news!

One, I'm going to be adding subscription functionality to my ko-fi page next month which will include monthly builds of the current project I'm working on at the time and I'm thinking of making my games free to those who do sub along with batting about a few other ideas.

Two, I've decided on the projects I'll be doing for the next year. Firstly I'll be finishing Project 2 and then I'll be re-working Best Garden to use the same engine as Project 2 along with making it better overall.

What's been happening

The World attacks!

One of the items I'd mentioned was around having the world attack the player, implementing the turn-based system and hooking up the dice rolling and health systems to it on the player side.

Destroying the World

As part of the design for the game, the world would also get destroyed as the world tries to attack the player (The fact that our attacker is also called "The World" is intentional for narrative reasons). These changes to the world are persisted when checkpoints are saved and presently cannot be restored.

Gameover, "Passing Out" Screens and Mental Corruption

I originally did these in the wrong order with the game over screen first followed by the passing out screen as you can see below.

While currently not implemented fully there's the display for the "Mental Corruption" which is the value that determines how much changes in the world per load along with other mechanical influences.

I'm also not fully sold on "Mental Corruption" as the name for this value, but I cannot think of a better name for it at this point.

Landscape Templates

Finally, we have what I'm currently working on, the Landscape Templates, these will be smaller templated areas, much like the base maps used in the world generation, these will be templates for various areas.

I still need to do the Saving and Loading functionality, along with tweaking the size of the grid (I think 10x10 is too small). But once those are sorted I'll be ready to start integrating it into the main game.

Next pieces of work

To start with I want to finish up the landmark templates and get them integrated into the game. Then I'll be moving on to Shard Collection (without the story stuff) and world progression.

Luke Parker

Luke Parker