Project 2: Dev Blog #6

A month has passed since my last post and a lot of game development has been done!

Not as much as I'd like since I came back from my holiday because I've been pretty ill since then, but some has been done.

Additions since the last blog post


In the previous blog, I'd got to the point where the world would be displayed and a player could navigate around it, now I've populated the world a bit more with various landmarks.

As part of a later change, I added landmark name generation when the map is initially made.

Gameplay Flow

Next, I started the core gameplay flow. A turn-based system shifting between the player and "The World". This is where the energy usage finally makes more sense to have in the game as using up the energy is the trigger for the players' turn to end.

Video of the turn-based system in


Finally, the start and finish locations are now represented by portals. The start one is more or less a visual indicator, whereas the end one will have actual functionality in the future.

The idea will be that the player will need to collect key memories around the world which will unlock the end portal, even though it will be displayed all the time.

Next pieces of work

I have a few sections I want to implement over the next month, mainly around having "The World" attack the player and change the landscape after a certain amount of attacks. I also plan on implementing landscape templates, these would allow for setting certain styles to go with certain memories or set of memories.

Luke Parker

Luke Parker