Dungeons of Loot: The Alpha Release and Beyond

It's been a little while hasn't it?

If you've been keeping up with my twitter antics, then you'll probably know that I've put Starlight Path on the back burner for a while. This is so I can focus my efforts one of my other projects, Dungeons of Loot.

Dungeons of Loot is a Non-violent, loot grabbing, dungeon crawler where you are tasked with unravelling the lore of the flower world.

As you also might know, it's now out in its alpha version and available currently for $2.99 (for the next 20 odd sales then it's up to $9.99)!

The final price of the full product will be $14.99 and during the beta, I'll run the same style as to what I'm running at the moment. But the first 25 will be at the price of $4.99 then back up to $9.99 and I'll do the same on the games full release.

I intend to roll small updates to the game on roughly a weekly or fortnightly basis while it's in alpha, starting tonight (05/09/2019). This is to gather feedback on the game itself and the direction it's going in, along with being able to maybe fix bugs that I would otherwise not spot.

Hopefully, that shines a bit more information on what's going on with my current project and where it's going.

Have a good Friday and weekend!
- Luke.

Luke Parker

Luke Parker