Dungeons of Loot: A Hiatus

It's been a while hasn't it?

I'll get right to core of this post, as you can see by the title, Dungeons of Loot is going on a hiatus, for between a year and two years. The reasoning behind this is because I've been feeling that I've spent too much time on the game to see its flaws and areas that need improvement.

It's taken a fair bit for me to notice that the quality of the game has been slipping and there have been some glaring holes in releases etc that really shouldn't have been there. So I need to spend some time away from the project for a while then I can come back with a fresh pair of eyes.

This time away from the Dungeons of Loot project will allow for me to pursue more of the short-form games and experiences I want to build, similar to one of my recent releases Guide of the Butterfly. It will also allow me to learn some more techniques in how to properly design and code games, because admittedly both of which have been lacking in Dungeons of Loot to a certain point.

The first of my short-form projects. Guide of the Butterfly

These short-form projects will generally be between 1 - 5 hours in length and focus on a particular personal aspect or subject.

In closing, it's been a long time coming but I feel that this break will make the game better in the end.

Have a good Sunday and look out for my second short-form project in the next month or so.

Luke Parker

Luke Parker