Dungeons of Loot: Development over the holiday period

Friday evening UK time the last release of Dungeons of Loot will be pushed out, this will be version 0.0.9 and will have some minor fixes plus content updates.

The next release will be 0.1.0 on the 17th Jan because of the following reasons:

  • Firstly, a short narrative project which has been on my mind for a few years now.
  • Secondly, the huge story mode implementation going into Dungeons of Loot 0.1.0.X.
  • Thirdly, some work on a secret feature which will be coming out in a few releases after the initial 0.1.0.X.

With the 0.0.9 update, I'll also be reducing the number of units which will go for $2.99 to 10, which means only two will be left unless I suddenly get an influx of sales in the next few days.

On the 0.1.0 release, I'll be wiping the rest of those and the price will go up to $9.99 since the main reason for having these initial reductions is to get people on board early on for play-testing, bouncing ideas for potential features etc.

I have a few other things I'm pondering on what I could/should do but those can sit and stew for a while.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good time and look out for that small side project.

Luke Parker

Luke Parker