The Flower Trade

A small game with no end, just something to relax with made for Ludum Dare 38, available to download over here over on


The original design for this game didn't actually have the selling and bbuying podiums, but had a shack and a ship that was intended to stock the shack periodically and take any grown flowers to the mainland.

This was scrapped mainly due to the time constraints and how long it took to model them both (if you clone the project you'll find the ships Game Object still in the scene IIRC)



From a coding perspective there were a few smaller pieces in a larger system that made the core gameplay for this, from the seed spawning on the ground to the flower growing and then the flower picking. It was relatively easy to code in itself the core issues came from modelling the unused ship and the shack.

Code: Here on Github


Luke Parker

Luke Parker