Best Garden

A small fast-paced, arcade gardening game, available to buy here on and on the Windows Store.

Gameplay Video:


This project initially started out within a small gamejam from a twitter convo, the whole idea was to build a game within 8 hours around a single mechanic. At this point in time I wanted something fast paced.

Mechanically being able to place something on a board was what I wanted to go with since on paper it would be pretty to implement and expand upon. Once that mechanic was implmeneted I needed a new one that imposed limits on the game, so I added a timer of 60 seconds and having a budget that didn't reset on completing a level.



The initial implementation of this game focused a lot around the core gameplay mechanic and it being a PC only game where keyboard + mouse would be the only inputs for it. Where as the recent V2 update expanded upon that core gameplay loop along with adding gamepad support to the game.

One of the initial objectives I wanted to have done while implementing this was expandability of content, being able to add new unlocks etc. Which heavily influenced how this game was built.

Sample code: Here on Github


Luke Parker

Luke Parker