Ancient Robot Overlord Chess

A fast-paced game of chess available to download over here on

Gameplay Video:


When the theme Ancient Technology popped up I had a few ideas on what I'd want to do. Most of these ideas were more or less scrapped immedietly because of the scope behind those ideas, at that point I didn't have much of an idea on what the ideal size of my scope should have been for something like this.

I eventually settled on the idea of doing a chess game, since I could put more focus on making the game rather than designing it.



At this point in time I was starting to learn more about Co-routines and had been doing a bit of shader work using Shader Forge. This is reflected in the fact that the level objects have custom shaders plus textures. Along with the fact that the computer player ai is pretty basic but also doesn't wait for the player to move, which I feel makes for a pretty fun mechanic.

Code: Here on Github


Luke Parker

Luke Parker