Behind the Words: Home

Home, the opening story in Timelines Volume 1 and one that was directly inspired by one of my long-running game development projects 'A Way Home'.

The entire concept of both of the game and the story was to encapsulate the loneliness and feeling of my world coming crashing down after the relationship I was in at that point broke down.

It wasn't nice, to say the least, and it was a point that internally I didn't cope with it well at all, even now I feel some of the repercussions from that.

Within the story itself I wanted to portray the loss and sadness I'd felt, the fact that in the story itself and in the game Eva is alone until the point the story starts.

The other part was the portrayal of how it felt having everything collapse, at that point in time I was still in shock of it all and everything felt so distant. Hence why it's worded as 'A child's voice cut through the ambient sound of rocks crashing in the distance' because that's what it felt like.

Then there's the ending, I felt that even though it was a mutual agreement, I felt that I hadn't tried hard enough.

That's literally it.

I hope this gave you a tiny insight into what went on in my head when writing this. I'm not sure which story I'm going to cover next though...

Luke Parker

Luke Parker