These are the games and prototypes that I feel would show me off best in different areas, wether it be in simple game design, building game mechanics or seeing a project through from start to finish.

Hug Me While The World Collapses

A small single player, turn-based, battle royale game made in under 48 hours

When I initially heard the theme for LDJAM 41 which was 'Combine 2 Incompatible Genres' I initially thought a rythm based stealth game. After initial designs and research I shot down the idea pretty quick and decided on one that I'd been mulling for the days before the announcement.

Technically this could have gone better, there were small bugs (even in the released prototype theres bugs) and the AI was pretty broken. But getting things like the battle royale and turn based mechanics down actually worked really well.

Theres more on my thought process along with links to the complete source in this Post Mortem.

Best Garden

A small fast paced garden building arcade game.

This project initially started out within a small gamejam from a twitter convo, the whole idea was to build a game within 8 hours around a single mechanic. At this point in time I wanted something fast paced.

Mechanically being able to place something on a board was what I wanted to go with since on paper it would be pretty to implement and expand upon. Once that mechanic was implmeneted I need ed a new one that imposed limits on the game, so I added a timer of 60 seconds and having a budget that didn't reset on completing a level.

Itch Page: https://lparkermg.itch.io/best-garden
Some gameplay code: https://github.com/lparkermg/open-parts/blob/master/best-garden/GameManager.cs